You Will Be Shocked What A Small Town Like Hadleigh Can Offer

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To keep up to date with the local news in your town, the internet offers a convenient and highly efficient method to keep an eye on what’s happening in your local town. You will be amazed at just how much information you can gain by simply typing in your chosen location into your internet search engine. For example, by keying in the words ‘hadleigh essex news’ into my web browser I get inundated with an array of thrilling news. These include; ‘Olympic torch relay’, ‘Hadleigh Farm 2012 Mountain bike site to open to public’ and ‘Essex police on standby for Olympics venue in Hadleigh’.

Hadleigh, Essex (see news in Hadleigh) played host to the mountain biking events for the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. Despite it being a rural town in the middle of Essex, Hadleigh is small and those from further afield would not automatically have heard of it. Since it has managed the Mountain Biking events for the London 2012 Olympics – a global event – Hadleigh has gained a lot of awareness. The mountain biking venue, positioned on Hadleigh Farm, was constructed taking full advantage of South Essex’s exclusive landscape. The challenging biking course can be found a short distance from Hadleigh’s traditional Hadleigh Castle ruins. 

With the London 2012 Olympics now behind us, the Hadleigh Farm mountain biking trail centre is currently undergoing the process of being converted as part of the Olympic Legacy. Due to open in the early months of 2014, bikers are likely to travel from near and far to test their riding skills of this impressive state-of-the-art track. 

Hadleigh was originally a market town, unfortunately the market no longer runs, yet Hadleigh is now home to a delightful high street featuring an array of shops. Hadleigh is also currently part of the council’s master plan, which means vast changes are in the process of happening, allowing Hadleigh to reach it’s full potential (see  hair and beauty in Hadleigh ). Hadleigh has already seen the unveiling of the new Morrisons store, an extensive and highly impressive store with tons of parking available. Further changes to be made include two-way traffic on the old high street to create a new square, a new library and restoring the family-friendly ‘Crown Jewel’ pub. 

For more information on your local Hadleigh town, see  click here .

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